Friday, December 12, 2008

What will I find at CROP GIRLS?

Here is a photo of a past "Card Gathering" you recognize anyone you know in the photos?

What type of store will CROP GIRLS be?

Are you curious about WHAT YOU will find at CROP GIRLS when the store opens?

  • Scrapbooking
  • Stamping (both wood mounted rubber & clear stamps)
  • Home, not furniture, but Paper Crafting for your HOME!
  • Classes
  • Scrapbook Crops (of course, it would be silly not to offer Crops if we are called "Crop Girls"...)
  • Card Making...
Speaking of Card Making, "Crop Girl-Donna" has been offering "Hospice Card Gatherings" in the past, which will be NOW offered at the CROP GIRLS store!

What is a "Hospice Card Gathering"? --this is when anyone shows up and helps create handmade cards for Hospice of the Valley! The items are provided by "Crop Girl-Donna"...just bring your basic tools. There is no charge for this---it's a nice way to donate your time, creativity, and love for making cards! And best of all, the recipients truly appreciate & cherish each handmade card! No experience necessary!

It's so much fun! Be on the watch for this & other fantastic classes & crops when we roll out our Class Calendar next month!

Have a great weekend! We'll be painting the store next week!


Diane M said...

OMG! I see me...

Diane M
aka detour3 on SCS, PCP

Heather said...

I am so glad this store is opening.

azanna said...

I was so excited to be able to stop by the store on Friday with a couple of girlfriends. Wow, I can really see it; the store is going to be so cool! We're all signed up for a crop on Feb 20th and we're stoked about that too! CONGRATULATIONS on such a great start to this wonderful adventure and THANK YOU from all of us West-side scrappers!