Monday, December 22, 2008

CROP GIRLS visit to the BAZZILL warehouse

Embossed Bazzill "Dotted Swiss" 12 x 12 Cardstock-available in 20 pretty, you'll want to use them for everything! CROP GIRLS carries these "paper pretties"...but, you'll have to wait until we open next month! We'll have many wonderful items available just in time for your Valentine's Day many terrific classes too!

We went to visit the Bazzill warehouse to pick-up a LOAD of cardstock...we probably looked like a bunch of crazy Tourists taking photos of the Bazzill building.

WOW! Look at ALL of that cardstock!!
The warehouse was HUGE!

Here is a photo of the Bazzill loading dock--so HUGE, there is even a BIG Fed-Ex trailor truck docked in the back to get all of that wonderful cardstock shipped out.

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azLizJane said...

Love Bazzill! Thanks for the peeks at their warehouse!