Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moving Updates

Tuesday, December 29th
Today our sign was hung, the sales counter was constructed and we continued to work on organizing the product. Donna worked all day on the chipboard section and Christa worked on the rubber stamp section. Sue, Pretz (Chris' mom) and Rita (Christa's mom) worked on making sure all the products were close to where they needed to be displayed, ironed table clothes and organized the classroom area. Stacey (Donna's daughter) put up the Alphabet and Pets sections, while Chris worked on the Sports and Easter/Spring sections.

Monday, December 28th
We had a great time looking for store fixtures, we did a field trip to Qcumberz, Finders Keepers and Everything Goes! We found several fun pieces to add to our store collection. It's been a year since we were all able to go out shopping together. John waited at the store for Qwest to install the phone lines but due to technical difficulties we still don't have phone service.

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